I got rejected and I need feedback

What was the comment from the Rejected email?

Mine is:
This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Additionally, please note that part of your submission was either incomplete or formatted incorrectly. To avoid possible rejections in the future, we recommend that you carefully read our upload instructions - https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471643-Music-Upload-Instructions

It’s not always about ‘this song is good or bad’. The “commercial quality standard required” include the technical aspects of the audio file. ie: Loudness, Clarity, Bitrate, etc

my comment for your work:
It has a great compositions. really.
But it sounds a bit quiet and thin in my studio monitors and headphones compare to those theatrical/cinematic trailer on this market.
Maybe you can try to re-master, boost some gain and more EQs
Like this: https://audiojungle.net/item/the-epic/23521650

well i could be wrong, but the reviewer team are experts, i’m sure they know what they’re doing. :slight_smile:


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It’s not a bad track by any means, but the ostinatos are the same all the way through and it feels like a loop rather than music. Maybe change the ostinato rythm and melody through out the piece to make it more interesting and feel like it builds up to somewhere?


Thanks) I will know about it

Thank you) when I listened to the final version, it seemed to me that there was not enough depth of the mix. But in the market I have seen work much quieter.

I agree with Abandon87. At least make it vary more in velocity and change some notes after a while and for transitions.

The notes in your melodic lines need to be more attached to sounds real and expressive.

I like the composition and arrangement. But, at 1:14 you could add one or more instrument\group of instruments (choir, trumpets, long hi strings harmony) and new percussions. The intensity is identical to the part at 0:29. It needs to be more rich and intense for the last repetition of that movement.

The mix sounds narrow (too much gain in the mid (everything peak there). It results in a harsh muddy sound lacking in definition and warm. The tail of your reverb seems a bit long too. To me, you have to much compression too on the master. It sounds flat.

I hope it helps! :wink:

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I found the volume just right in my headphones so, like you guys said, you could definitely push it to the edge a bit more.

I think the composition is great but was kind of ready for another melody by the second chorus. Maybe something mid-heavily syncopated for attitude, since everything else is kinda straight.

The third build 2:05-2:30 feels a bit repetitive to me. The build was said twice already. I’d consider introducing the instrumentation in a different order or cutting it completely. Ambiance/Silence dropping right back into that huge third chorus might be the ticket.

Love the track though. I’m sure you’ll get her to land.

Write on!

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This might help with developing ostinatos https://youtu.be/1zxoSvRSOmk

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I can hear that you had a great idea in mind and this music has potential. For may taste, I can say that strings are little bit in front of everything else and little bit louder than other instruments.
The thing with this kind of music, that I came across, is that it has to evolve, to have gradual build up from beginning to end. Add instruments, layer them together. French horns or simple “oh” "ah"s choir are good for that and adding drums with different arrangements.

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