I got hard reject,what should I do?

I submitted an item on codecanyon 10 days ago, today I received a mail, which is
image|625x86 .

Here are the following topics I want to know from experts authors,
1)Have i submitted the item on the wrong category?
2)In the mail, the reviewer wrote that “quality standard required”, what is quality standard? My project is working well and I tested the project various platform.
3) Can I submit the project once again by change the category?

If you got the quality standards message and therefore hard rejected then you can’t resubmit it as it is and would need to make significant changes to the point of it being like a new item

If you share the demo link here then you may be able to get more practical feedback

i need working with us i need make website livestraming tv channel + mobile app apple & andriod help me

Assuming you have a sensible budget then you can look for a developer to hire on www.studio.envato.com

Hi charlie4282 thank you so much for response on my topic,my project demo link is below


What does it do?

With respect execution is a long way from premium

You did include documentation etc ?

Basically it convert soft signature(written in a smart phone or signature pad) into an image,yes i included all the documentation file,thumbnail images etc.

I also mentioned in description that i don’t focus much about front end design and will not gurrenty that it’s fully responsive.

How would someone creste the signature etc. if it’s not repsonsive?

Unfortunately this will all be a big problem - regardless of the features and functionality, this is a premium marketplace and it needs to reflect this.

Do you think the responsive is the issue for got rejection?If yes,then am I allow to re-submit the project after fix the responsive issue ?I will rebrand the project.

I think this is only part of the challenge - the execution needs lot of work

What does the quality standard based on ?:grinning:

@Lambda Team exactly they didn’t explain that into the mail.

As each item is unique and because the review process has to be (at least partly) based on the expertise and subjectiveness of the reviewers then it’s not possible to set definitive standards or guidelines.

In some categories eg WP themes there are select technical guidelines, generally speaking standards are about meeting “expectations” for premium quality items eg ones that demonstrate best practice, features, originality, design, execution that warrants buyers spending money on