My item got hard rejected. Please advise me.

I have prepared much effort to the product I built for CodeCanyon but I got rejected. If someone can tell me some ideas to improve it, I will really appreciate it. My product is appointment scheduling

URL for front-end:

It is not good on a phone

Needs a lot more premium features and functionality to compete with popular items already for sale

Thank you so much for your advice. Let me check on phone. About premium features and functions, can you please tell me more? I’m not sure about that idea. Can I resubmit it after following your advice?

Have a look at these popular items you will see the versatility and unique type of features they offer

Thank you so much for your nice and helpful ideas. May I ask one more question? Do you have any tips that I can resubmit the hard rejected items? For example, I have chosen the blue color which is neutral. I used Ajax for the 1st and 2nd step for UX convenience, etc. So I really want to go with the idea for appointment booking system that I built. I do not intend to change into the new project/idea for now.

If you have been hard rejected then technically you can’t resubmit unless updates achieve a level which appears to be like almost entirely new item.

I wouldn’t worry too much about styling (although adding an easy way to alter this would be a good premium feature), and instead concentrate on adding (relevant) features and ensuring the way you execute this in the demo looks premium and not just like another plugin demoing on a default theme page

Thank you Charlie. For achieving the new level of the current idea, I need to improve the layout on phone, prepare the demo site with premium theme, add more features. Do you think that can reach to the new level of my current plugin? Because if I got hard-rejected again, I would be prevented from selling here which I read from the guidelines.

If you make enough of an effort to add to and update what you have then I imagine you can resubmit.

They key will not be to rush and really think about what added value you can include


Do not forget about errors in console, this is unacceptable.

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check the error in the console,
and try to adjust your code to be responsive.
your item must be premium without error,
and add some futures.

Thank you so much. I recently noticed those errors and fixed it right away. Is there anything else that should be considered major changes because I really want to resubmit this idea?

Thank you for your comment. I have cleaned those errors and checked on responsive. It does not break though it is not good enough. Besides, is there anything that should be considered for the next resubmission?