I got audios rejected, anybody feedback please?

Hi guys,

I’m new on audiojungle, and I sent 12 tracks for review from which 10 got rejected and 2 were soft rejected, (those last two are now fixed up and running)
I would love some feedback as obviously I’m doing something wrong on here, its frustrating and makes me want to give up. I appreciate your thoughts very much.

Cinematic Terror (loop for credits)

Enjoy the Show (loop)

Just Wait (on hold phone call)

Let it Go (logo)

Piano Christmas

Give me a Second (loop, on hold)

Persecution Strings

Strings for the Boss

Success Strings

Uptempo Uplifting

  1. Veeery good. But to long maybe.
  2. Bass is to much sub and drumloop bad eq.
  3. good! but drumloop bad eq.
  4. Drumloop to high vol. to much sub bass again. not good 80s synth (swish sound)
  5. (christmas) good but need some more fast backround arpeggio…?
  6. drumloop bad eq.
  7. drumloop little better but should not pop out so much from the other.
  8. Cool song. reverb size to small…
  9. intro need doubble bass… reverb size to small… more warmth in the viola arrangement.
  10. “Martini in the 80’s” get a better handsnap… and it need more power in the pulse (mixing)


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Thanks for your time :grinning:

The piano melody of ‘Uptempo Uplifting’ is a tribute of ‘Children’ by Robert Miles? :wink:

I like your work, very interesting tracks for my taste, I don’t understand why AJ rejected… good luck! :slight_smile:

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Ha! I had to go to Youtube to find out who he was, I knew the song, maybe I was influenced without even thinking about it :slight_smile:
Thanks, glad someone likes it, not too much luck on the industry so far, getting tired of it honestly.
Best wishes to you and your career too.

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Hha I was thought about that melody too. He’s a trance legend back in the time, but the melody remains live in my head. :smile:


How funny we are all influenced by it :slight_smile: