i found my project on google


hi, i found my project on google free download [Link Removed]
how can we prevent? because I did a month my project… but they are free upload very easy. what can we do? is not copywrite or law?


You can send a DMCA:
Other than that, you can do nothing. That’s the life of digital goods. :smile:


Thanks for the link! :wink:


Looks like somebody has removed the link. If you could post it again so everyone can download your stuff without having to pay, that would be much appreciated. Thanks! :joy:


hi, sad for you, send a message to headquarters and otherwise try to contact the hosting companies so that they remove your work from their servers


I have same situation, I find my project on shareae.com what to do?
[Mod: Link removed - Warez discussion]


Welcome to the club.


Locking thread as discussions around piracy or warez sites is not suitable here.

If you do discover these types of links please let envato know here.