Publication of Projects on 3rd Party Sites

Last night I saw my project published on 5 different sites and I was really mad from the nerve. I’ve written to Google and 2 have been approved, but I’m very angry about it now.

Why would someone steal your labor and sell it?

This is the cause of such difficulties between such a challenge.

Already in the envato these days, everything is very bad, sales will be very bad, perhaps 30 of my customers from these sites have secured my product.

245 of the incoming traffic from these sites and I can not believe it.

What is the solution

Actually, there is none

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Pirates. You cant do any thing. They will not respond properly. You have only two ways.

  1. Google copyright tool. Which cuts down new users does not know about these sites. But the users already know about these sites will not work.

  2. By sending dmca to file sharing sites. It works. But you will end up with sending mails all the day.

Just use google tool we can’t do anything about it. Updating items regularly will change the mind of buyers. But the percentage of sales is 2 to 5

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The funny part once you have done of sending dmca and removing all the links, suddenly in the next few days you will see your items again.

The ugly truth, we can make it hard for them but we can’t defeat it.


The most funny part is their host support email id is two lines and you only get it in image format. Two writedown it will take one day time.:rofl: