(Locked) Downloading projects for free


Can’t something be done for sites that upload videohive projects for free? You all know which sites I’m talking about (I don’t have the right to post the links) ! I just found on one of those a project I bought for 27 dollars! It is not right towards the authors and towards the owners of those projects (the ones who actually BOUGHT them). Don’t authors hold copyrights for the projects? Can’t videohive or the author himself contact the site owner to delete the file or google to erase it from the search?


Send the links to support and they’ll take care of it :slight_smile:


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Best regards! :slight_smile:

GrizzleFX said

Send the links to support and they’ll take care of it :slight_smile:

Links of the entire site? There are 2 sites that I found today which provide free downloads for almost all of the best looking and top selling of videohive’s projects.


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