I earn 7,5 from an $23 item

Hi friends. Today I saw my earnings. I sold an item for 23 and I earnt 7,5 from this.
Envato earnt $15,5 from this item?
I cant make $20 for nearly a year and cant withdraw my money.
After then, I want to quit from envato. Is this fair?


You can see all the calculations by clicking Edit-> Update Description & Price

Depending on your country, Envato can add VAT to author fee, and you should upload tax information to minimize or avoid US Sale Tax for sales, made to US residents.

Hi @aultoon,

Looks like the purchased done by a US buyer and Us withholding tax has taken from your earning.

Check potnetially Us withholding tax depending on where you are based:

For reducing US backup withholding tax (24%) you should to submit your TAX information form. If you submit the form with your TAX information then only tax will be taken for US sale and TAX percentage depends on your country.

US Tax Treaties: