Hello Friends,
I have problem in earning. My Item was sold in America but I’m not getting 50% earnings of my each files. I’ve sold 12$ Item but I’ve got 3$ and something instead of 6$. But when I sold other country is OK. Why it is occuring please help me

Here you go, this should cover everything…

But the short answer is… it sounds like you’ve already filled in a W8, otherwise you’d be getting the reduced amount on all your sales, rather than just the US ones. However, depending on where you live, adding a tax ID to the W8 (if you haven’t already) might reduce the amount you get withheld on US sales.

If you are a non US author and a US buyer is buying one of your items, you will be facing the Royalty Withholding Tax

.We understand this is confusing, but I hope that this article helps you out a bit:

Your relevant section starts at the headline “All Non-US Authors, Affiliates and Service Providers Must Complete a W-8 Form” It’s a coincidence that only US buyers purchase this particular item this happens. Same to me here too.

.I hope that helps