Tax doubt -Please Help Me

My item price is 26 USD but its showing like this can anybody help me please…

Statement page will give you more info.

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Ok i l upload that screenshot

You didn’t submit your tax info, so Envato must collect 30% backup tax withholding on all of your sales ($20.00 x 30% = $6.00).

Submit your tax info in your account settings and supply a valid tax ID number from your country. You won’t have to pay withholding tax on any sales except sales from the United States, and the amount will only be 15% instead of 30%.

More details here:

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What Bailey said. You’ve got a $26 item with a $6 buyers fee… so the item price is $20. Your authors fees and taxes are based on that item price. So 30% of $20 is $6, which is your withholding tax. And 37.5% of $20 is $7.50 which is your author fee. Take the $6 and the $7.50 from the item price and you’re left with $6.50

If you submit your tax forms (and India still has a 15% withholding rate) then the tax on that sale would be $3 rather than $6… leaving you with $9.50 for a sale to a US buyer, and $12.50 for a sale to a non-US buyer.


Thank you @baileyherbert:blush::blush:

Thank you @SpaceStockFootage…i am new to this market…can you please tell me …how can i get tax form

You want setting and then tax information. This might be the link (went to my tax page, copied the URL and then replaced my name with yours)…

I don;t think that worked, but yeah… settings… tax info.

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ok thank you