I doubt my design restaurant...

Hello Everyone:

I doubt my design restaurant if is a unique design please help me because I am not an expert to design. thank you.

But I did not copy other designs but only color copy, it’s ok?


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Looking good

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Thank you!

As PSD, you may get approval but it’s still not good enough for HTML and of course for WP

Hello everyone:

Does my design content (about, etc) need to add more sections or not? or it’s ok? but yet not finish my psd… I need more large working…


Home 01

Home 02




In general it needs a lot of improvements in terms of design, I am afraid it will be rejected.

You should contemplate a bit that the niche you have chosen usually has different objectives than the ones you have raised in this project.

I see that you are creating some projects but without one it would be research or preparation and this will not get you anywhere.

I would like to ask you what do you like to do the most, design or develop?

good luck

Thank you, I will remove this design because not looking good, I will create a new design thank you.