I need help to check my design (psd) if it is ok or not

My psd “business”,

my idea to add unique colors different from other websites but maybe if this problem typography

If this psd is ok there I will continue more web pages, thanks.

My opinion this item will be rejected. design quality, hierarchy & spacing and alignment.

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I not upload my design psd yet themeforest.

I change to colors? if need

Only home is looking good other all of section are need improvement.
You have to it from your experience.
Dark border isn’t looking good http://prntscr.com/vlzjtb same to other section also
typography improvement = http://prntscr.com/vlzk82
This dark text isn’t appropriate http://prntscr.com/vlzkp1

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Thank you, I also will to be change colors because I think that reviewer not like this will to be hard rejected my item.


now yes my design is better (spacing, hierachy, etc)

Blog area is looking poor design.
now is looking good but i’m not sure about approving.
you can try with submission.

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Not yet, I need to work more psd.

Thank you.