i dont understand Envato Author Fee Schedule

I sell 3 items.
half of the amount I sell comes to my account.
I made tax adjustments.
first box: 12(2)
Second box: 10%

Why can I get half of the money?

Can’t understand what you can’t understand. You are exclusive author, so you get half the money. What confuses you?

Maybe because Envato says the exclusive Author Fee is 12.5% - 37.5%

I can see how new authors may get confused.


is this normal?

I started to make new sales.
I guess the commission will decrease as we sell more.

When you reach the amount of 3750$, your piece will change from 50% to 51% etc.
But now you got only 64$


Basically the weird Envato fee system with the “item price”, the “list price”, the “author fee” and the preposterous “buyer fee”, is the equivalent to the former commission system. As an exclusive author, you start at 50% and work you way up to 70%.

Also, you have to take US tax into account.

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The worst part about it is that Earnings and week’s earnings are displayed before taxes.