I don't have live site, how can i use live preview on templekit ?

I am new here & want to ask -

  1. Is it mandatory to have a separate live site for every templatekit.
    2)I have read that we can use WordPress multisite, so we have to buy Elementor pro for every site?

Thank you, Regards.

  1. Yes - you can use 1 domain and use WordPress multisite for each template kit

  2. The Elemetnor Pro is not required, so you can use only the free version. But if you want to use the Pro version you must check on Elementor website which subscription plan you need.

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Thanks for replying Cocobasic.
Actually, I have an Elementor pro expert plan.
I provide services.
I was worried about all template kits.


I can offer the following tips for new authors:

  1. Use WordPress multisite with subfolder and make sure only the plugins used on your kit are active on individual sites. We do not recommend subdomains as they can cause issues with import.
  2. SSL should be activated
  3. Create one site per kit demo.
  4. When choosing addons, use as few as possible to achieve the design to reduce the memory requirement and avoid plugins that are not actively updated or cleared for the current wordpress version, or which display ads or have premium template libraries as these will be rejected. Only addons that interact with Elementor builder should be used and required with the exception of WooCommerce. If you are unsure about an addon to use, email us at extensions@envato.com
  5. Avoid firewalls or security plugins that will block the transfer of content to user
  6. Optimize your photos and images before you upload them. You can use a free service like tinyjpg.com or tinypng.com to do this if you don’t have Photoshop. Images cannot be larger than 2500px wide or tall and should be under 200kb
  7. You should not use speed or minification plugins. Your kit must be passing web vitals on its own.
  8. Make sure your kit is using Theme Styles/Global Fonts. Do not set typography directly in elements.

If you do the above, you are 75% on your way to getting an approval, the rest is based on your creativity :slight_smile:

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