Elementor Template Kits

Sorry if I’m asking noob questions but these are important…

I bought wordpress multisite hosting… now…

Which elementor plan do i need if i create 5 (full website) templates. Essential or different?

I confused on their website… please help me

@Enabled @mgscoder I want your little help…

Hi @minterBro,

If you are planning to create Template Kits for selling in Envato then you can use the free version. the free version is recommended because in this way your customer will not need to purchase the pro version. But your customer will be free to purchase the pro version if they need it.

If you are planning to create 5 websites for your business then if you like then you can purchase the pro version but the free version will be fine also. If you want to go for pro then Essential for only 1 website and Expert for 25 websites.


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Thank once again for your help! :ok_hand: