Multiple ElementorTemplate kits live preview

Hey everyone, i know this is kind of a noob question. But I’m curious that if i want to sell more than one elementor template kit on envato then how will i keep each and every template kit on different domain or subdomain. I mean how to do exactly live preview. I’ve read that to use WordPress multisite but still couldn’t understand because WordPress multi site will still require multiple domain . I don’t have much money to buy more than one domain. PLEASE ANYONE HELP me understand the steps that how to keep more than one template kits on live preview and with only one domain.

You need only one domain for multisite installation. The options are - subdomain or subfolder. Both are ok, but I prefer subfolder, this way your address will look like so - https://yoursite/templatekit

How the get subfolders? Can you kindly tell me process or send me any link to get access in detail.

There are many articles online, just follow the guide:

I’ve already read that. I’m still confused how to get subdirectories in wordpress . Can you please help me in simple steps.

Hi there,

You must follow the steps to create and setup a WordPress multisite. When you create a new site in the WordPress network admin, it will create the “subfolder” url path eg

It is critically important that you have a good understanding of how to operate and maintain a WordPress website before creating or submitting kits to us for review. We will expect your demo to be updated and operational for the lifetime of your listing, and for your product to also remain up to date and aligned with the latest elementor changes. You may also be responsible for troubleshooting common issues with elementor and the import of your kits which requires knowledge of WordPress and how it interacts with Elementor.

You can get started here: Elementor Academy: Empower Your Web Creation Skills
How to Install and Setup WordPress Multisite Network

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