I don't even know how to describe it, I'm shocked

Hello guys, sorry for the off-topic, but I have to write about this case. I declined the user’s refund because it was unfounded (he wanted to be able to install the theme many times on different domains, although we have protection 1 license - 1 domain). And here’s what I got from him:

I have been working on themeforest / codecanyon for a long time, I have created many themes and plugins for other authors, I have answered thousands of tickets in support but I have not seen such a thing yet.

It just hurts me to read such things, I lost my home, I hide from rocket attacks every day, 2 weeks ago one such rocket killed my father … And all this time I try to maintain my items, release new updates, if possible respond to support. It hurts to realize that people like this customer exist on Envato

Sorry to write about this :pensive:


Sorry you had to put up with this. This guy is a moron and a jerk, don’t take their words to your heart, they’re meaningless and not worth it.

This is also clear verbal abuse and is absolutely not tolerated as per Envato TOS. Contact support so that they ban this fool asap!

So sorry for your loss and the devastating nightmare you and you fellow Ukrainians are living through.


Whoah someone was really mad for whatever reason and decided to unload all of than built up anger on you… Probably nothing too personal, just you being at the wrong place and the wrong time with your theme… Just ignore him, he’s not worth your attention or anything. What a little mental fella :sweat_smile: Also sending you strength in these terrible times… And condolences for your loss.

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Hi @jkdevstudio. This is awful - I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with such abuse from a customer at all, especially in the face of your loss. You have my deepest condolences :frowning:

I have raised this with our Author Support team, and they are investigating this customer account further. As PurpleFog noted, this sort of behaviour is absolutely not tolerated on any of our platforms.


I echo @BenLeong comments here @jkdevstudio - I am very sorry you have had to receive such abuse.

This is very concerning indeed. I have already begun an investigation and have responded to your support email where we can discuss this further.


Thank you to everyone here, and thank you for such a quick response from @Will4490 and @BenLeong :pray: :pray:


Well said. I keep my fingers crossed for you @jkdevstudio and your family.

And do not forget that world is full of good people too. Take care.


I’m speechless. It doesn’t matter how angry you are, some things you just don’t say. This entire screenshot should not exist.

My deepest condolences for your loss mate! :disappointed:



That’s awful and all our thoughts and support is with YOU. Clearly this person has no idea, no compassion and is just being a total jerk. Try not to let this get on top of you, it might feel personal, but rise above this useless keyboard warrior! Best wishes and love.


Яке воно кончене.


No words to describe this ! Envato please teach your customers some manners. We’ve been raising multiple tickets on how Envato customers mis-treat authors by bringing in Ethinicity, Religion, Region etc. Customers need to understand we are real people working here, not some robots without feelings.

Unfortunately, most of the customers think you owe them big time when they purchase one of your items. When we encounter such attitude, our team immediately ask them to submit a refund request.

Та ладно тобі , забий хєр на цього покидька, зараз тяжкий час, не варто все приймати на свій рахунок.Якщо хоч пиши🇺🇦

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