I can't see the latest version of Impreza even though I have paid for it fews years back


I purchase Impreza theme on 8 Nov 2014, but the latest version is not in my account, who can I contact for it to be added? see attached screen shot from my account.


It seems that you’ve used a different account to purchase it. Your current account doesn’t even have a buyer badge.

So what do I need to do?

Who do I need to contact to find out which account I used to purchase it?

Well, the name of the account is on the screenshot

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I went to the account shebulmiah and see the same screen as before, see below, how do I track down the latest version of Impreza which I paid for in 2014?:

Are you sure you didnt refund the theme?

In theory - login to Themeforest using the shebulmiah account then go to www.themeforest.net/downloads and download the latest copy

Hey Great!

I just realised I was using a different account logging into my themeforest account so used my shebulmiah account to log in and can see the latest version of the theme :slight_smile: I have successfully downloaded the latest version of Impreza.

But their is an additional £41.13 for support from upSolution? do i require this? I can install it myself

If you do not need the support, you do not have to purchase support. That has nothing to do with updates.

If you haven’t updated since 2014 then you might need to be cautious