Purchased the Hades theme in 2012 via themeforest, wanted update, author claims I never did even though I have the purchase order

I purchased the Hades theme through Themeforest in 2012. Still have the purchase order confirmation. It seems to me that envato did not transfer my account information including all purchases into their system as I am not able to download the latest update of this theme. I contacted the author who claims I never purchased it. Grrrrrr… Feel sooooo upset right now. I have emailed envato a while ago, but they have not responded to me at all. I need to update this theme. Help me please.
Thank you


Simple & easy, purchase the theme again mate, 4 years left from the first purchase. :wink:

Are you sure you bought it on this account?

Your profile shows you have bought some files but can;t see which - can you download others from your account?

No offense, but this is not a solution. A buyer purchased an item and wants to use it, the correct answer is not " purchase it again! "

These things are weird, weird as in in the past years of being around here I’ve never heard of such a case, however, the only solution here still remains for you to contact Envato Support , send them your license, also, mention the account you purchased from, the purchase code, and they will most certainly get back to you since these are very important issues.

As for the reply given by DoughouzForest, this is not a Envato Approved practice. Once you purchased a license you have the right to updates indefinitely, support on the other hand may not be so after the support package expires. In other words, please get in touch with Envato Support and allow up anything between 24 hours to 7 days depending on the traffic of tickets coming in.


PS: I’m going to close this topic since the forums is not visited by the support staff so your message will not be seen by them, and members here cannot help since they cannot access your account information.