I can't register my custom theme or I can't get support for it

Hi All,

I’m now managing a Wordpress website which uses a custom theme, but I don’t know the author, I don’t have access to his account and I’m not able to get support for it.

Pic 1 - I was trying to get support for my theme but I was asked to register my product.

Pic 2 - However, when I click on “Learn how to register”, it directs me to a 404 page.

Pic 3 - When I go to the “Register Product” menu, it tells me to sign up to help desk.

Pic 4 - When I click on it, it directs me to a 404 page. Actually, none of the links works.

What should I do next? I have a lot of questions about this theme and I’d like to know if I can get any support for it - or at least to be able to address a community with questions when needed.


Hi @nunoautotrip,

Welcome to the forums! If the theme was purchased on ThemeForest (no matter if it was customized or not), the only way to get a support is to actually either have access to the ThemeForest account that purchased this theme, or puchase it on your own. The latter will give you access not only to support, but to any future updates, so it’s worth $49*

*or less, depending on the price :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot for the prompt response, Luca! I guess that I would have to gain access to that account - is there a way to make this happen?

Just to explain my situation, the team that was managing this account is all gone and we have an entirely new set of people running the business - so I’d need to have access to the theme that was purchased for the company.

Let me know how to proceed,

Unfortunately the old team are the only people that can help you with it, Envato can’t give you access to someone else’s account.


It makes sense, Luca. Is there any workaround for this?

I’d assume that we aren’t the first ones trying to recover an account that belonged to someone who’s left the company already.

Thanks for the help!

There were some cases when people were left with working theme and no support. As far as I know the only way to have access to both is by purchasing theme on your own (unless of course you somehow manage to contact the previous team).


I am assuming that you have access to the main WP installation, hosting, FPT etc.?

If you know which these it was (maybe share the link and someone might be able to work it out) then you could buy a new license and just update the site with that copy whereby you gain control.

One important caveat to this is - without know what customization was made to the theme it’s not possible to know what will/will not be migrated with a theme update.

Beyond this, unless the original developers were to give you all the information, then there is not much alternative.