how can I get support for The Theme I bought?

Good morning,

How can I get support for The Theme I bought?
I’m almost done with Barista Theme, but I have a question for them.
Can you please provider me with the Foro o any mail?
I din’t get it, when I bought the Theme.

Thanks in advance

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Thank but can’t managed yet :
Is BArista Theme … Im following your steps and im going to the below page:
And trying to login and they said :“Please provide a valid user.”
My license is:
(removed) - 16 May 2020

Thanks in advanced

you can post comments here and let them know:

otherwise you have to register their suport forum using the right username (use: purchased username in envato market). then login with that username. then have to Submit a request.


Please … only with comments support I don’t get any answer… Can you please provide me a solution please. I bought Barista theme two weeks ago … and I didnt get the way to contact them for support.
I bought the theme in themeforest.
Please, can you be more clear in your answer … I will really aprecciate.

I loged in
… but don´t find Barista Foro.

I’m sure, this shoud be easier that it is, isn’t?


You have registered with their support and logged in?

That theme is definitely covered in their support but you still need to be logged in to get help

Yes i did!
But now, dont know how to acces to the support forum


There may not be a ‘forum’ - you may just need to login then ‘submit a request’ (link in the main menu)

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they have knowledgebase forum (search item and seect) and using that you may fix many issues but for getting support you have to submit a support request.