I can´t do Uploads

Hello dear friends

Since yesterday I try to send files to the videohive but then they do not appear on the uploads page. Does anyone know if there is a problem? I tried sending the files directly from my computer and via FTP and I can not.
Thanks for your help.

Best regards,
João Dias

Same here. Video files are not displayed

I wonder if anyone else has this problem?
And will someone from the videohive team or envato give me an answer to this problem?

I have a same problem 3 days. What to do?


I’ll mention something to the Devs, but have you also opened a Help Ticket? http://enva.to/Help

Help Tickets get forwarded to the Dev team and help them track the seriousness of an issue.


Same here I’ve upload via web and via ftp and kept getting - processing message and nothing else…

Anything!!! I have placed my items through the old model. It takes much more time and gives more work.

Thanks KingDog!

Yes i have opened a Help ticket.
And the first person I spoke with, could not help me and then asked to speak with someone superior and I am now waiting for someone in the team to contact me.
Please See at you can do.

Best regards

No longer was 5 months waiting for the items to be reviewed and now the new application does not work
It is increasingly frustrating to post videos here.

Same problem since 5 days! can’t upload to VideoHive neither through upload page nor FTP, uploading procces goes till about 80% then shows “Upload complete” and at the end nothing displayed!

KingDog, I have written a question to support, but there is no answer. Videohive has decided not to accept video any more?

Hi all,

We have the dev team looking at this now and will update you when we know more. Thanks for sending in all your reports.

Hello again!

We are still looking into the underlying cause but if you refresh your browser page, you should be able to edit and submit your uploaded files as expected. Please give this a go and let us know if you experience something different!

“Your items are processing” 3 days now…

Video has appeared, but it isn’t identified and isn’t ready to editing. It is a lot of duplikat. I delete them, but they appear again and again, empty white squares. I have loaded 1 video, but so far it has also not appeared.

It was it seems adjusted, I will try to load anew.

Thank you! everything works good again.

The loaded files are duplicated now, many copies are created. I have loaded 100 files, and the system highlights also 300 and 400.

Thanks Dmitro2009, this may have occurred when the issue was fixed somehow. I’ve asked the devs about it. I suspect this wont happen with your next upload but please let us know if it does.