I bought a new computer and now every template is locked

I just switched from using an iMac to now attempting to use a new windows machine purchased by the company I work for. I have an adobe CC account and have activated it on the new machine. I have purchased 5 pages worth of templates thru the videohive site and downloaded a few of those purchased templates in my account in to the new machine. I am receiving an error message when attempting to open the templates in after effects on the new machine saying that the template is LOCKED and that 100+ items are missing. I would like to know how to unlock and fix this problem so that I can get back to working on my projects. Note that the templates I am trying to continue using do not require any plugins. Please advise.

try to right click on the after effects project file and choose properties bottom of the menu then unchecked read only.

That did not give any option to uncheck any boxs. The folder attributes has 3 unchecked boxs ( Read-only, Hidden and Sysrem ) that are Semi transparent and don’t allow any change by clicking them. I can right click the zip file and it will allow me to choose read-only or hidden and will let me apply my changes however I think that is not going in the right direction. Please advise

Just want to confirm you are unzipping the folders and then trying to open them… rather than just double clicking on the folder and trying to open from there?

I guess I’m not sure. I just purchased another item and I select the open option in the bottom of the browser

Ok I think I’ve missed that step. I chose to extract the files and the template opened correctly without errors. Switching computers has been one battle after another and it appears as though we’ve won this one. Thanks