After Effects file is LOCKED - I can't edit the opener that I downloaded

I am paying for the subscription. In After effects after downloading an opener, I see an error and it says the file is locked and I cannot edit it. No matter what I download it gives me this error. The question is what am I paying for if I cannot use any items? How can I unlock the files?
Thank you

I think your after effect version maybe old. you’ll must download projects equal as your after effect software version. before download projects please read discriptions.
project discriptions are in the below in preview video.

The error message would clearly state if the problem relates to a version issue, and unfortunately, it’s often hard to tell what version an AE project is prior to downloading in Elements.

There are no options to lock or unlock projects in After Effects, so the issue relates to file permissions on your machine, and in my experience, 90% of the time you get this error message is because you’re tring to open a project file from a zipped folder without unzipping it first.

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