I am very angry on curators of videohive.

I am very angry on curators of videohive. Recently almost all works rejected.
Whats wrong?
For example this file is accepted on shutterstock and pond5 but on envato is rejected and 80% of my works is rejected.
The reason is: it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be unable to submit it again.

This file rejected tooooo :slight_smile: i am Happy
[link removed]

Thanks i dont understand anything and depressed. I work realy hard to grow and make the best but unsuccessful

Man dont be frustrated please. I was frustrated many times and I can understand your feelings. Just try to increase your quality day by day because videohive marketplace is very much challenging. Even my all videohive rejected file also accepted any marketplace but they can not gave me sales satisfaction. :slight_smile:

Thanks man!!! Your words inspire!!!

They deleted my links

it’s called “self-promoting of hard rejected work” :smiley:

Hey. There’s nothing more frustrating than being hard rejected. It may be different for music, but in my experience, I’ve had my most mainstream tracks rejected, while my more hardcore lyrics accepted in the Jungle. I have 1 song on Pond5, and it has made me zilch. It just depends…on what I don’t know. Best of luck to you regardless. :slight_smile:

what you speak about?

Good luck you too! Thanks man. I just I grudge the spent time

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Here some links


wrong links. youube.com/ edit - its link to own playlist. must be youtube.com/ watch