I am new here

Hello Everyone! i want to upload Business card design. anyone know can i use this type of mockup & background image?

  1. http://graphicriver.net/item/corporate-business-card/13587585?s_phrase=&s_rank=30
  2. http://graphicriver.net/item/corporate-business-card/13577632?s_phrase=&s_rank=2

is there any other free mockup & background available?

so, i required you guys to help me find the mockup files & background images like this

  1. free business card mockup
  2. free background image

i am appriciateing your time in advanced. :smile:

hi here u’ll not find any mockup for free , that’s for sure, unless u have one that is becoming the free file of the month … and as for how to use it , this is simple, most of mockups are very simple to use, u just need to double click and put your creation there and u are basically done … lol

Hey n2n44 i know here i can not find any free mockup. but if you see that link. both authors have similar background behind the mockup files & that mock up file is also almost similar.

if u are looking for that kind of specific thing, then i am afraid that , unless the guy who created it makes himself known, that your quest amount to searching a straw in a haystack … besides even if he turned out to do , i guess that if he belongs here , it will not be for free anyway … lol

It’s really confusing me :frowning: how to use this website as author :innocent:

i do not identify why your problem is indeed lol u can use any mockup why these ones in particular ? and if u love them so much , then just try to contact the guys who are using it and just ask them where they could find this item … lol this is that simple

ok n2n44 :smile: Thank you sir for the help

man! u want o me feel like a grandpa or something? lol kidding lol pls call me Nico, thanks in advance :wink:

NOP :slight_smile: ok Nico thank you!

u are welcome :wink: