Huge sales drop

Hello guys,

Just wanted to know if you noticed any sales drop this month.
If so, do you think this might be something relative to the item search, or maybe the old scripts (product) display?!

Best regards.

Do you have any analytics, like pixel tracking to compare visits and sales? Could be related.

We use our self made tracking system which counts produsct scripts and we also use Envato Analytics for a bit more of information.
But do you think that this might be concerned with the search algorythm and the way that the products are being displayed again?
The last displaying method was a bit better that this one…Well… at least it gave more visibility to our products… :frowning:

Best regards and thank you for your replay @01eg_me :slight_smile:

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Yes I do see a massive sales drop in January and now in February although there are spikes from time to time which cover the drop days in 70-80% of the value…

Not good but I know they’ll be running a campaign soon and lets hope for the best.