Whose Sales Are Increasing? Share Your Success Stories!

Has anyone’s sales gone up since the implementation of the new search algorithm? We’ve heard plenty of reports of decreasing sales, but few if any from those for whom sales are on the upswing. (Sadly, I’m not one of them) :sunglasses:

Come on guys! Let’s hear it!!


I do not see huge difference after updating of search algorithm. Sales gone a little bit, but I think it is all about drunk January :smiley:

Thanks for the reply, but I’m mainly interested in hearing from authors whose sales have increased since the implementation of the new search algorithm.


Do you mean the algorithm change in August or the tweak for certain search terms just a few weeks ago?

Second half of December and first half of January are always among the worst weeks of the year in the stock business unless you’ve specialized in holiday items, so this might not be the best time to ask that. :slightly_smiling:

Completely agree, it’s too early, let’s see how February goes

Let me put this as delicately as possible…

As they said in the movie Cool Hand Luke:
“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Or as they say in the courtroom “Overruled. Non-responsive.”

As I’ve said twice already, I’m interested in hearing specifically from authors whose sales have increased since the latest (December) change in the search algorithm.

And no, it’s not too early to tell, and no, the widespread anecdotal evidence of dramatically lower sales cannot be attributed to “January.”

I understand that some people just can’t help themselves and feel compelled to cheerlead (aka contradict the widespread commonly-held observations about the new search algorithm). We get it. You think things are just fine and dandy. You’ve said as much on several threads already.

But let’s stay on point, shall we? THIS thread is about authors whose sales have increased. I’d like to hear from THEM.


Just trying to be rational here, not defending any search changes, but half of Dec and half of Jan have been bad every single year since 2012, with about half to 70% of normal sales. Because the majority of buyers don’t create as many projects during this time (if you leave out Christmas and New Years stuff).

Every year authors panic and take to the forums. Same story over and over.

To directly answer your question, this (2015-16) year was slow too, as expected, but since last week, and especially this one, things are good and back to normal or better.

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Still not getting the point of this thread, eh?

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Oh, I get it, and I’ll leave it alone now. :slight_smile: Just had to address your previous post.

Sorry to say, bur Sales increased… Just on other marketplaces… :-/

Yeah, sales are dropped too obvious in January it is fact and i don’t know whether it holidays or new search algorithm.

sales decreased. I have sales only for old tracks and no one for new… Is there any seance to upload new material with this new search algorithm? how do u think?

The interesting thing with new search engine is that i got more views on older items and started to sell older items…New items are not much visible but i sold alot this week…10 sales already and got my old top seller item trending again.Dont know what to say but…I think my sales are increasing.

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It’s easy enough to find out for sure. How many did you sell last January? September? October? November? If you’re selling more now than then, then your sales are increasing. If not…

You can´t compare september/november sales with January sales. The first 2 weeks of january are the worst for sales in all year.


Considering January 2015, my sales increased…I barely had any sales untill 25 january! As this is my second year here starting from November 2014, i still cant compare whole year…This year will tell more but currently i noticed increased sales of older items…

For what seems like the FIFTH time:

This thread asks the question “Have your sales increased since the December search algorithm change?”

All other commentary is, frankly, noise.

Come on folks let’s just through January on a happy note (excuse the pun!).





Sales have increased if I compare each month to the corresponding month the previous year. This January I’m already ahead of January 2015, 2014, and 2013.

In April/May 2013 I had an item that sold unusually well. Otherwise the graph would’ve looked very similar to 2014 and 2015.

I have recently sold some older items that hadn’t been sold in a long time. Something I like. After all, what is the point of keeping tracks in a library if they can’t sell after a few weeks?

hi my friend, u are right , way older items are selling more than they used to do, now, is that enough for the all of us to be happy , i am not sure because , unlike what this thread is trying to push us to tell, sales are not necessarily up , they are rather slow at this time