How to show Envato sales count and reviews to my own eCommerce site?

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I am an Exclusive author at Envato Market. I own an eCommerce (Powered by WooCommerce) website. I have uploaded all ThemeForest and GraphicRiver items as External products on my website. So, I want to show my Envato items sales count and item reviews to my site. How I can do this? Is there any WP plugins or Envato API?

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You have to do it manually when any new sale and/or rating will be made. So. it will not be easy job to maintain if you received many sales regularly. So, I think you can omit sale count for your website but you can manually add reviews/ratings when a item rated. Using envato api you can get notification (as there are some apps in app store & play store) when a new sale received but you have to update your website manually.

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Hi @mgscoder, thanks for your reply to my post. So, how can I make sales counts and reviews manually to woocommerce? Please help me.

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manually edit your product and add reviews and for sale count have to add/edit manually. if you like you can custom attribute for sale count.