How to show live Envato stats on wordpress website?

Hi guys!

I’m about to launch a wordpress website for my music and I’m trying to find out how to display live Envato stats (total sale count, total followers and ratings) in it’s most simplest form, just plain text. I know there is this API thingy that should be able to show these things and I did read the documentation, but I’m a total noob in coding and scripts, so I have no idea to get this done :confused:.

Is there anyone who could point me to the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated.



+1 I’d also like to know this. As I’m spending more and more time on AJ, I’d like to set up a nice wordpress site to direct customers to my AJ portfolio. Having access to this kind of data would be great.

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Bump! Let’s give it another try :slight_smile: Any genuineness here that can point out how to do this? Or recommend a widget maybe? Thanks in advance guys!

what details do you want to show? total sales for your account? You will need to connect to the APi to do this but should be relatively simple depending on what info you want to show.

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Yeah total sales for my account. I know it should be pretty easy but no luck so far :smirk:

You could use a plugin like this one:

I’m using it on one of my websites, but it does not show the followers, only the item cost, sales, cost and rating.

I’m sure that if you search for “Envato” on codecanyon: there are more items, I just wanted to share what I use since 2014 and it’s still working :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! I had a look at it but it seems this plugin (and all others when looking at code canyon) are only at item level while I’m looking to show off my total sales for my account.

However I like that first plugin so I think I’ll purchase that anyway :blush: Thanks!