Product Review Listing Theme/Plugin/etc


iam searching for a theme or plugin where user can create social profiles and rate/review products (like ejuice/eliquid). When the product is not in the database user can submit the product where a moderator or admin can approve it.

User can follow each other or can follow the brand or product.

I hope u understand what a mean :slight_smile: my english is not the best

How about this theme? It’s the closest I could find to what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

The only thing it doesn’t have is moderation so you would either need to get that customized (check out Envato Studio for customization) or do it manually.

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Yes, this is the case, but in your example the admin or moderator must have already written a review. I need something like just product maintenance. I just put the product with the description in… User rate it. That’s it! And if a product is missing, users can enter it.