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I am looking for a list of the most downloaded products on themeforest. An example of this would be journal advanced opencart theme. They has over 20k purchases and a few thousand ratings. Does anybody have a list of products (does not have to be themes) that have over 10,000 purchases and at least 1,000 ratings on themeforest catalog or even better would be from codecanyon catalog, price does not matter. Thanks in advance!

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There is no feed or such lists published for Envato marketplates, you will need to create your own. You can do it manually or programmatically.

To do it manually, you can filter your search by Best Sellers and take note of the most rated themes, one by one. Example:

Please note that there is no “Most Rated” filter on Envato marketplaces.

A way to do it programmatically is using PHP, cURL and DOMDocument class. I think you can find someone on Envato Studio to do the job.

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