How to see who claims rights to specific tracks in different youtube videos

Hi all! Guys, maybe someone knows how I, as an independent author, musician and copyright holder, can check who claims rights to specific tracks in different youtube videos? When I simply upload a video to my YouTube channel, I don’t see there, for example, claims from my PRO or those who represent their interests… I know, that publishers have the opportunity to see who claims rights to tracks in a particular video, and if necessary, they can write to those who wrongfully claim their rights. Can I also somehow access such information? Perhaps if I become a publisher myself, YouTube will provide me with such an opportunity? Or is there another way? Thank you!

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Hi! I’m not 100% sure exactly what you’re asking, but I will try to formulate an answer.

The main way tracks are identified is via Content ID, so in your case AdRev/Identifyy. That information is sent by Google to the PROs, or organizations representing the PROs.

If there are matches in the database (title + artist or ISRC), you get paid from your PRO. If you used another title or artist name in AdRev/Identifyy, you will likely not get paid. The information has to match the PRO database.

The second possible way for identification is simply via title/artist search. So, if a video has the title “Song by Plastic3”, that can be looked at further.

Well, for your own tracks, that is the AdRev information. For other tracks, you can see the track information if you click “More info” on a YouTube video (only if it was recognized by Content ID, or was picked from the YouTube music library).

No, I don’t think you get any extra information that way (as a small publisher), compared to just being with a PRO as a writer.

The big labels and publishers have direct access to Content ID (so they are their own AdRev). They would then get direct access to all the information and choose what to do with a YouTube video (block, monetize, track). If you are independent, you are stuck with 3rd party Content ID companies.

You could of course try to start your own company and become a YouTube Content ID partner, but I would think that would be pretty difficult as an independent artist with just your own music. That is why AdRev/Identifyy and the rest exist.

You say you have a PRO, but on your profile it says you don’t, do you? If you do not, your only income will come from AdRev. If you are PRO affiliated, you will get extra money from videos that have your music (and are recognized and matched), if they are monetized.

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You never see claims from your PRO. You see claims from your Content ID partner (AdRev/Identifyy).

Do you mean that there are no claims? That is an issue with Identifyy. They don’t place a claim unless a video has 10,000+ views. Until then, they put it in “track” mode, and you don’t see any information.

If you want to find out if there are Content ID conflicts (someone else has uploaded your track too), you have to write to AdRev or Identifyy and ask them.

Hi Jack! Thank you! I’ve asked not about recording information (content id). I’ve asked about a possibility to check, who claim an author rights (publishing rights) on video. Because I see that there is a lot of room for manipulation here. When YouTube provided such an opportunity (it is now closed), I saw many different organizations that claimed copyright on some of my songs, although they certainly could not have these rights. So, my question is how can I control this situation now…

Sorry, that is not something I have seen or ever heard about. Still don’t fully understand what you are asking.

Hopefully someone else knows better.

As far as I know, there is no information other than what is provided by Content ID on YouTube videos. When I upload to AdRev I can choose “publishing controlled”, and thereby also give any publishing information if I want to.

Curious to hear from someone who knows more.