How to install Demo oneclick on lazio toys and game accessories wordpress theme

I don’t see the import demo content in lazio toys and game accessories wordpress theme
please help

Hello :smiley:

The author may have some instructions if you check the documentation. Also, here is the author’s support information -


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I Check that but i can find one click demo

It doesn’t mention “one click” installation on the item - are you sure it offers this?

I’d be hugely surprised if it’s not covered in the documentation but more likely the installation may be via XML import.

Also I would be quite surprised if the author includes images of products like iPhones in the demo content

@KingDog’s link is the best option otherwise to ask for help

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NO I can not get full installation some time causing problem in xml installation

Maybe you have problem with your web server not with XML file. You need to increase all your web settings to max.