Anyone using the One Click Demo Importer plugin.


I’m looking for anyone using One Click Demo Importer plugin for their themes.

Has any one had any issues importing a demo using this plugin lately? All the content is showing perfectly fine, but the menu items hierarchy is showing jumbled and wrong. Even while using the default Twenty Twenty theme, and the 0 plugin interference, with the WordPress theme unit test data, the menu items are not respecting the hierarchy, even though in the content file, the menu item parent IDs are set.

So I was wondering, and I hope someone has the same issue as I’m going crazy and the developer is not responding on, what could be the issue.

I already have my own custom importer, but I want to try and refrain from maintenance, constant updates, etc. So if there is something already working out there, I’d rather not recreate the wheel, and here is the support ticket:

I think you will have to wait for the author’s respond

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