How to add one click demo in my theme for real

My theme has manual Import system because have 100+ demos so zip file might extend it size so I added other file containing all demo zip including XML etc please refer the image for better understanding will reviewer will approve my theme if I have added manual option, not auto one click

You don’t need one click import - I don’t have that in any of my themes - that is not required.

Reviewer will not import your demo content to test your theme - they have their own demo/dummy data or the official one from WordPress -

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if i want to have that one click demo import please help i have image for you for better understanding

I have never used one-click import - I don’t have experience with that part. Maybe someone else can help you with that part.

I have just answered this question:

Hope someone else will give you some more info about one-click import. Good luck with the theme!

Reviewer will never test this feature. What they do is test your theme with the Unit Test. If you want to show multiple demo imports in your One Click Demo Import, simply define it in the array of default options.

sir thanks for your reply I have spent 3 months on the theme and now at one point I am stuck can you please help me how I can define an array in default option like I have added function in function.php
if {is_ocdi_activated() ) {
require get_template_directory() .’/ocdi/functions.php’
require get_template_directory() .’/ocdi/hooks.php’
please guide me you are my mentor as you have made 7,097 sales that kind of proffesional work can you please guide me if you want i can share theme files i have build multi purpose WP theme

Does OCDI supports such frameworks

  • Radium Framework
  • Option Tree

thanks for your time i finally get it sorted :grinning: