How to get refund..Seller wont talk

I purchased and App and web admin that had no Documentation. (Other than upload zip to folder , extract move to publichtml)

The happen has over 100 folders and probably 1000 files and NO documentation!

We couldn’t even get the basic install because the files were screwed up… So The App developer finally agreed to actually upload /install the admin panel.

Still just a total mess and my developer that was going to install the actual android app emailed me this…

So Much is wrong about this App but the most frustrating part is that their isnt any documentation to speak of.

Thsi is what My App installer(and his team) said …this guy has worked on hundreds of Apps and these are his words.

""""""""""We went through the code and it is a complete mess. The documentation for the Android app setup is lackluster at best.

The app UIs and the admin panel aren’t on par with current design standards as well.

The app can be setup to be up and running if you want but there are a ton of bugs in the code. Even the registration screen barely works.

Also, the app doesn’t seem to be compatible with the latest Android version (Android 10).

I’d suggest you get a refund for the same if possible.

Let me know what you think."""""""""""

Well what I think is I am tired of giving people money for things that DONT WORK CORRECTLY and even more so when they refuse to provide documentation …REAL Documentation …Not upload to server and unzip.

Working on a Refund but these guys don’t care …Hopefully CodeCanyon intervens .

Potential Buyers BEWARE …!

The app cost $500 …! How do I get refund other than stop payment credit card

You can request a refund here. BUT If it’s the app I think it is then:

  • you have had/been using the app for a while

  • the author has clearly tried to help you so it’s not fair to say they won’t talk

  • several of your requests/issues are outside the functionality if the app

  • it does claim to support Android 10

  • the app has fairly good ratings

As we don’t have visibility of the app’s code or your installation we can’t comment on the validity of the issue and it may well be broken in which case you may be entitled to a refund, but either way envato will have to investigate so you need to be careful about clearly explaining things

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Order it 5 days or so ago…So no I haven’t been using the App. Like I said we couldn’t even get it installed correctly . been trying to get them to help since then.

Yes I fully understand they have no support for the App that’s why I had a Developer that had all the requirements/skills . He couldn’t get it going.

The BIGGEST Issues is He Told me if I order it (the Web and App) that I would get documentation when I order …which is not true there is no documentation …again other than the basic upload to server :roll_eyes: now one needs documentation for that…We need documentation for all the files and folders settings etc

He originally tried to get me to buy it OFF of CodeCanyon…said he wanted to save 37% fee that you guys take after he refused my payment plan …in steps as he progressed I knew he was full of BS…

Our email

You can go ahead and start setting up MySQL and all of that

Payment … $250 to start project …
Payment $250 when Android is complete
$500 when IOS is complete

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No my friend you have to pay $1000 complete and one time because we are going to use ready to use app and script,once you will make the payment we will share the complete source code with you.


If you share screenshots etc of those conversatiosn when you request a refund that will help greatly

Charlie Share those conversations with who?

Thank You

Screenshot any message where they suggest going off network and try to change the charges

They are an exclusive author so selling it anywhere but here would be a big breach their agreement

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