Sold a partially/totally nonfunctional app

I purchased “ultimate VPN” mobile app for $60 and i come to find it is not in a functonal state. The apps coding may be somewhat or mostly functional, aside from the deprecated android embedding. The author has provided zero support in atleast two weeks since I purchased, as I cannot access the documentation for setup. Regardless, two developers i spoke to in regards to getting the application in a working state. Both of them said it is using an deprecated android embedding , so it cannot be compiled. I was given an estimate of about half an entire day of work to get it to a state where it would be functional. I cannot even test the application at this point. There are numerous other small coding issues, but my main concern is the outdated code. Despite the seller not offering support (according to envato support), I believe I was mislead into thinking they do as it explicitly states on the sale page they provide support, and provide ways to contact them, so in that aspect I feel it was false advertising. Beyond that, the code has not been updated since last year, and i still have yet to receieve a response from the sller. I don’t feel like I should not be able to get a refund simply because “the seller does not provide support” despite the seller clearly stating otherwise. I have already contacted support but they are requiring screnshots of the issues as they can only get involved when its a broken/misleading product, which I submitted but they advised I got to the forums. Not sure if theres any advice anyone can give, but if you’ve been in a similar situation any advice is appreciated. I have half a mind to dispute with paypal, but I don’t want to risk my account getting closed, so I’m allowing envato to mediate for the time being. But two weeks is a long time to go to wait for a refund for money I need. What can/should I do ?