How To Get My Work Rights?

Hello Everyone!
Please, can anyone tell how can I get a work rights(Copyright or Trademark)?
For example, if I create a logo and what my next step?
Where I must register for this logo or how is it works?
I must register for Copyright or Trademark?
Are there free registers?
And what registers Envato Market accept?

Thank You!

You want to copyright/trademark a file created for sale here? What exactly are you trying to acheive?

Under the licenses used here the copyright remains at all time with the original author - buyers are only purchasing the rights to use the item under envato’s agreement

I doubt you can trademark a design as that would prevent anyone else from using it so there’s no way people could/would buy it here.

For what it’s worth - Proper copyright and esp trademarking to cover all the regions that envato sell to will cost you thousands of $

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Have you tried MyOws?

maybe he means, he needs to protect his design because he afraid that other irresponsible designer would ripoff his design and make more sales than his original design. in that case you can report a design if you find your design is being ripoff.

@pixellord that makes sense.

@vahagnxxx one major issue with stock content (not exclusive to envato) is that it gets ripped and put on to less scrupulous sites.

This is not so common with graphics as it is with web templates etc. but obsessing with protecting yourself 100% when selling on any digital marketplace is pointless and will create a lot of unwanted stress.

@DymaiMusic am missing something or is tha6 site just a time/date stamped storage? I think envato do this when you submit a file too.

Any way to prevent people ripping files et.c is great but based on that tool’s Facebook comments and FAQ it looks a little redundant (even the free option)

lol well, maybe , in a way … lol then he can be afraid of many other things like pirate sites and so on … the thing is that lots of guys sometimes indulge into doing something similar to others and that this woudl be the role of review teams to reject them so that it does not happen … and it is also the responsibility of authors to think about not doing something too close from what others do …

besides some are willingly copying each other and this is not a problem for anyone including envato (if they do not see , this is also not much of a thing that they can brag about) …

some are also complaining about a guy ripping off the design when there is only one or two elements that are the same and that the whole item is very different … so that this is not a legitimate request

some guys are copying themselves times and times again and have a long portfolio of copies of themselves and no one cares … with that we are sure that we are going to avoid saturation lol

ultimately report to whom? help center? unless u have a technical issue , they can never do anything according to what they say … until they manage to accept a rating and a comment full of lies , for instance , i know this is what happened to me and guess what i found no one to do anything about it …

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if all anything was working this side , i guess that they would start with making pirate sites close … u report them and they are all still there moths afterwards …