Envato said This is not My OWN Work. where is the support Option !

Reply from Envato :confused:
“Unfortunately, we have reason to believe your submission may not be your own work or may be too similar to other marketplace content. If this is your own work, please contact support with supporting proof such as source or work-file samples. Thanks for your understanding.” Now they tell me contact support with source or work file samples how funny is this!!! when i uploaded my work isn’t that my working source file :confused:
Now plz can anyone tell where i get this support option :triumph:

The working source file is the PSD, AI or other format that you used to make the item that you submitted, you’ll probably have to upload it to Dropbox or something like that to send them the file(s). It might also not be the fact that your entire item may not be yours, but that you used a pattern, texture, icon, or any other elements in your item that you might not have the right to use. Whatever the case may be, it’s really unfortunate. Here is the link to file a support ticket: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanx for the support link … All the pattern, texture, icon, or any other elements is all made by me design concept also mine … sometimes may b it looks similar to other design but the point is this is my work my design my effort how could they say like that this is not your work :confused: ufff I think i must leave this site… this is too much…

They are merely being careful, no need to take it personally. People stealing other people’s work is a very real issue, and they are doing what they can to suppress it. I myself have seen a lot of stolen work here as well as other places, and have even had my own work stolen and resold here on the marketplace, it’s really not very pleasant.

So like I said, you don’t need to take it personally, they’re just being careful.