How to Get Help with Refunds?


A couple days back, I purchased Mella - Minimalist Ajax WooCommerce WordPress Theme. It’s a great theme, no doubt. But, unfortunately we just couldn’t get it installed on our account. We tried multiple times, we even gave the credentials to the support team for them to try getting it installed, and even they couldn’t. Long story short, this had dragged the project too long and we went ahead and purchased another theme which had no issues getting installed. It may not be as good as the theme we first purchased, but it’s working good and the customer support is a bit more responsive.
I do not want to bad mouth anyone here, but when I am requesting a refund, the support team despite knowing the issues, keeps on dragging this by asking me if “I tried this or tried that?”. We have a lot of experience in starting websites and this is not the first time we had issues to get it installed, but this is the first time we are facing a bit of a problem to get our refund.
I would like to know how to proceed and how to contact envato’s right department to help me out with this.


Have you got a business account with the site?

You would need that level of subscription.

You can reach out to envato about the refund but it is likely to come down to the cause of the issue which determines if you would get a refund or not.

The decision to approve a refund or not sits (at least initially) with the author

Envato Market Help and Support


Hi, thanks for the reply.
We have the business account. We even shared the account details for them to log in and try solving the issue and this is the reply we got from them (attaching the screenshot)

Other themes seem to be working out and for reasons I do not want to mention here, we do not want to try another hosting service.

We waited too long and we tried resolving the problem multiple times and we continued getting similar replies, “try this, try that” after I politely requested the refund.

Now, when I am being more assertive, they want to try and log in to my wordpress account from their side again and they are asking for the credentials once again, which I do not want to share. They are just dragging this to avoid giving me the refund.
I have reached out to envato to help resolve this. Hope to reach a resolution soon. support has a bit different and comes with limitations.
Importing/installing the theme may require different steps, as my experience and may take a bit longer.

But due to server issues, if you’re unable to install the theme, the theme that you have already downloaded, there’s no possible way to get the refund.

Basically, what you needed to do was to change the hosting.