HOW to get a refund???

Dear friends, it is really frustrating. Already the second theme I bought didn’t work properly. I just need a refund, just my money back… but evato instead of helping me, let me go months without an answer and the owner of the theme also didn’t respond back to all my messages. My score of one star on that theme was deleted!
Now I bought one more theme for Shopify and it appeared a scam theme… I just don’t know what to do…
Themes are:

  • Shopify - Outstock Clean, Minimal, Drag & Drop

  • Reprizo - Jewelry & Watch Shop WordPress Theme

Both of those themes have near perfect ratings and the authors clearly respond very quickly to item comments.

What exactly is wrong with them?

Presumably you have tried contacting the authors using their support channels, and any refunds were requested through envato’s refund forms?

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The score of One star was deleted from the Reprizo theme in the same week. Now I hardly believe that all scores are true now.

Check the Scam site form Shopify - Outstock Clean, Minimal, Drag & Drop Index

Try to press contact or any other services. And this is the site linked in Shopify to the Documentation site of this seller.