How to get a refund?

I have purchased a product (PHP dating script) on codecanyon market.
It turned out that script is very buggy and some of the basic futures do not work properly.
I contacted the seller and he was not very helpful.

Right now i would like to get a refund and buy different script that seems to be more stable/

How can i request a refund?

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your bad experience. If the script is buggy you can Request a Refund Here and raise a dispute if the refund is rejected. Please note, raising a dispute without the product having bugs will result in a rejected refund from Envato as well.


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Thank you very much, I just requested a refund. Hopefully it will all go well.

My pleasure! As I said, if the item indeed has bugs, you’re fully entitled to a refund! Cheers! :slight_smile: