How to Edit or Replace Images in Elements Template Kit?

I just bought the Childhood elements template kit that is paired with the Hello Elementor Theme. I have imported the templates. There are templates, such as the main header, that I want to edit the images in the template itself. I have tried everything and I can’t find the way to do this. I can download the header image, which is actually two images, make the edits, and upload them to the media library, but, of course, they are not linked to the template, so it does not work. How can I do this successfully?


You should contact the author and see if they can help you. But if was purchased through Elements then I expect you cannot do this. The template kit is sold on the marketplace:

So you could ask the author for advice

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This is a link to their documentation:

See if that helps.
Or here:


All graphics or images in your template are set in the elementor builder settings for the section or widget. To learn how to edit in Elementor, please visit Elementor > Get Help in your WordPress admin and see the guides for things like backgrounds, images and spacers.

The images and graphics themselves are not customizeable in WordPress. You would need to license those images from Envato Elements and then edit them in your favorite image editing program. A list of links to the illustration packs is in the item description.

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Actually, you can redesign all of the site by removing template images and adding other ones inside the template. In the Elementor Editor, select the template you’ve imported, select the background where the image appears in the left column, keep the same dimensions, and place the design or image there. If there are two images, click on overlay background and perform the same task. It’s quite simple!