How to create word files from psd, ai, indesign?

I see some buyer prefer word files so how to create word files from psd, ai, indesign? Anyone can share the tips? :slight_smile:

What file in form of word file? You mean “help file” or “design” in word format?

I never have converted a PSD to word. But if its about design, just make a PNG/JPEG and import it to word. But still its an unclear question :slight_smile:

I don’t think any buyer would want a WORD (.doc) file, unless it’s for a HELP FILE, then again that too doesn’t make sense.


You can create though the heading and foot note from a png file done by yourself. But I dont think anyone would want a word file for anything else than stationary. Dont think anyone would go for a word made club flyer for example.

I see at the stationery section many author also provide word files. Still myself not sure this editable word files or not @wallfish i mean editable design in word file

You can export graphic elements from your source files (AI, PSD) then insert them over your Words document to create a template document. You can see many presentation templates on GR without source files - I mean Powerpoint files only. That’s the same way as this is.

Many authors do? Damn, I thought I was the only one - someone pick up on my idea? Ha! :slight_smile:

Okay, there’s no secret really, I recreate my stationery designs in word. There is no one button conversion.

I export all graphic elements, work them into the word documents and align, and then align all text elements to be 99% identical to the Photoshop originals. (it’s as good as impossible to get 100% identical layouts)

It’s a hell of a lot of work, and Word is a pain in the neck to work with , but it does facilitate use for non-design savvy end-users.



I can see the issue here.
You buy the psd but most people wont have psd editing software, so they want to recreate it in word, otherwise its a useless format. You have to edit psd files just to type standard letters!
These psd templates are ideal if taken to printer service and used in a typewriter, which is rare nowadays.
Its a heck of alot of work getting these psd anything useful other than eye candy.
Ive used psd pdf and ai files for years but for the average user its a big headache not having an easy integration to standard desktop software like Word which in business, accounts for the majority of created business letters. Most people dont have pdf creation software I guess.