Export Photoshop layouts in Illustrator, Indesign and Word

Hi. I would like to know how to dump my Photoshop designs in Word, Indesign and Illustrator. I have the template in Photoshop. Thank you

If it’s finished product then just save it as a JPG and input that

If you mean as a sort of template layout then you will struggle - MS Office is not a design package and unlikely to play nicely with CC layouts. You will probably have to recreate them specifically

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You can export your paths to illustrator by clicking file > Export > Paths to Illustrator
(screenshot HERE)

For Indesign save the design as a PSD or PDF, then open an empty box, click CTRL+D and choose your image. Then you can right click and fit it to the box or however else you want to format it.

With word, all you can do is insert the design as a JPG. Personally, I wouldn’t use word for any type of design. If you’re making a presentation and want to use a microsoft office product, you can insert JPG’s into powerpoint and have more control over the look and feel.