How to convert Resume / CV photoshop to word?

Hi, can anyone tell me how to convert a CV / Resume made in photoshop to Word .docx format, without having to recreate all of it in word again? Is there any way or hint that accelerates this process?
Thank you in advance.

Not that does it properly.

You could potentially export the file as a PDF and try converting that but it is unlikely to be a smooth transition and you are almost certainly going to run into issues with it not looking the same or not being able to edit it properly

You’d be much better off converting it from scratch but even then Word is not a design software so depending on the design specifics you may not be able to get it exactly the same.

You need to create it from scratch, otherwise if you try to convert it, its not gone be fully functional, it gone have problems with elements and not gone be full editable.

Okay, thank you for the personal information @PROFIVE and @charlie4282