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I’m new here. I just create a resume in Adobe Illustrator, but I haven’t any idea how to convert this file into Psd and Docx format. Anybody here who can help me? :slight_smile:

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For Photoshop you need to move your elements in Illustrator on different layers and just save to PSD
For Word you need to recreate the entire resume from scratch.

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Thank you.
When I’m going to save as PSD, the shapes turn into raster form.

you can try to use this script, the vector shapes won’t turn into raster shapes in psd.

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Thank you, Monica,

Do you have any script for Doc as well?

With respect to is is a premium marketplace and cutting corners rather than doing things properly is highly unlikely to achieve the expected or required results.

Almost any automated output weather it’s design, code, or otherwise, always falls short of doing something properly or manually, and runs the risk of rejection.

I would be stunned if there was any way to even try and convert an Adobe format in to MS doc

FYI for the AI / PSD options it’s worth checking the official solutions Use Illustrator artwork in Photoshop

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no sorry

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