How to submit Resume template in graphicriver

I joined GraphicRiver few days ago. I want to sell Resume templates there. but I don’t know how to submit Main files. I create Resume in MS word and Photoshop. Graphicriver required files in PSD. I want to ask you, i can create resume template in photoshop and upload it only psd file. OR i have to create same resume in MS word and photoshop both?

You don’t have to use multiple formats but you will be massively reducing your sales potential not to

Psd files can be edit in illustrator?

Different authors use MS Word, PSD, INDD, or AI versions as you are comfortable, but no PSDs can’t be edited using illustrator

Authors sales their resume format and mention in the description, that this format can be edited in MS word, Ai, and photoshop. That thing confused me. They create same resume format in MS, PS, and Ai?

Yes they create the same design in different formats separately