Export AI file into a vector layered PSD

Hi all. I created free Adobe Illustrator .JSX script for designers to automate the export of flat illustrations, logos, after which objects remain vector shapes in PSD.

Full post about the script on Medium[.]com.

How it work



The script was created in 2017, over a year more than 1300 downloads by designers around the world.
I will be glad if my script will help you in your work :slight_smile: :blush:


you should offer it for sale :slight_smile:

More than 1000 people downloaded it for free, itโ€™s not good to make it payable to new users :blush: I just suggest that users support this project with donate

why not? it is a great script, i downloaded it to and i love it. so you should just announce that is free for letโ€™s say, 3~7 days and than put it for saleโ€ฆ 4~5 $ isnโ€™t a big price so it should be okay. good luck